Echocardiography &  Cardiac Imaging:
Echocardiography remains the cornerstoneof diagnostic cardiology. Despite the recent advances in cardiac imaging,it occupies thecentral place because of its cost,availability & portability.
Echo Learning:
TOE Resources:
Contrast Echo:/Stress Echo:
Cardiac MRI:
CMR Tools     website
The Auckland Cardiac Atlas   website
Anotomical Atlas of Cardiac MRI website
MRI Safety.com   website
Cardiac CT:
A Guide to Cardiac Imaging         website
Cardiac CT Angiography              website
CT Angiography and 3D imaging  website
Online Cardiac CTA Courses (youtube)     website
Cardiac CTA Case Review (youtube)         website
Radiology Education:
Radiology Education.com       website
Radiology Links       website
Radiology Integrated Training Initiative    website
Courses & Training:
Cardiac CT Trainers Partneship    website
Cardiac CT Trainers Partneship   2     website
Royal Brompton Hospital Cardiac MRI training    website
SCCT Courses              website
Rochester CTA training website
Cardiac CT Online   website
Cardiac Imaging Liverpool  website
123 sonography.com   website
Professional Societies & Organizations:
British Society of Cardiac MR        website
CMR Academy      website
British Society of Cardiovascular Imaging         website
Society of Cardiovascular CT    website
British Institute of Radiology    website
Industry Sites:
Echo Videos: ( coming soon)
  • Basics of Echocardiography Part 1 ( Series 1)
  • Basics of Echocardiography Part 2 (Series 1)
  • Basics of Echocardiography Part 1 (Series 2)
  • Basics of Echocardiography part2 (Series 2)
  •  Echocardiographic Assesment of valular Heart Disease (Mitral Regurgitation)
  • Emergency Echocardiography
  • The Guide to Paediatric Echocardiography
  • Cardio Update Echocardiography
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